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Author Topic: So I was checking out the Weber section at Home Depot the other day...  (Read 1372 times)


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I donít have one but I have no doubt itís the best grill in that price range.

The next used one that pops up, I plan on making a fire pit out of. I think they would be perfect for that and be able to cook over the fire once in awhile.

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   These grills are utilitarian and will always be treated as such. The majority of the people who have grills don't know how to clean or handle them and what you have described is the end result of that abuse. It wasn't until I got on this site did I understand how to   take care of and prevent mishaps of these grills.    With bolt ons you're getting rid of the welders human or robot. It may be a better product safety wise but it is an ugly looking product aesthetically.

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For what it's worth, and this is 100% my opinion.

#1. I actually like the look of the bolt on handle. I don't mind the welded handle, but assuming something impacts the handle in a garage or on a patio, a bolt on handle can be replaced, the bent welded on handle is much more difficult to repair / replace...

#2. The bolt on legs that bolt on through holes in the bottom of the lower bowl are no different IMHO than the leg attachment on the Smokey Joe that I have been using for years. This really is a non issue. I like the original design sockets better, but these work just fine. The overwhelming majority of consumers won't know, nor care about the difference as long as they are durable.

#3. My main issue with the JJP design and fasteners is the shutter attachment is via a flat blade screw and a truly terrible aluminum nut. They REALLY should have stayed with the rivets that are used on the other models. This is one area that MUST be fixed on these models. A longer phillips head screw and a pair of nuts, all stainless steel, set up in a jam nut configuration solves the problems the OE presents.

#4. To say a grill is 100% utilitarian is only 50% right. I mean you CAN BBQ in a hole in the ground. Oddly enough, there is more to it than just the utility of a grill that makes a Weber grill desireable.

Long story short, I seriously doubt that they are going to suffer from low sales numbers on these. The Jumbo Joe Premium has many of the features that make Weber famous, and a much better value / qaulity grill compared to the knock offs, and the JJP does it at a price that is far more competitive than the Orignal 22... I know Walmart is selling a ton of these things. There are a few on my block, and a few Originals, some knock offs.... There is plenty of space on the market for them, and certainly pelnty of space in my yard!
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   In my opinion the JJP is a Wal-Mart disposable whose cheapness I hope does not seep over to the higher priced webers. The JJP is a bigger version of the JJ not  Smokey Joe I bet the legs will fit the JJ. No welding and no rivets makes the JJP affordable for the Wal-Mart crowd deal with it.
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