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Author Topic: New Charcoal Owner with Old Grill looking for some advice on restore and igniter  (Read 862 times)


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Hi everyone,

After a few years of gas grilling (Weber Spirit), I decided to expand my horizons and picked up a used Gen 1 Weber Performer Deluxe.  To me it looks structurally sound and the paint job looks good, but it is in need of some repairs.   Specifically, the gas assist line is busted, there is no charcoal basket, there is a missing castor, the 5lb gas tank is missing, and the lid handle is melted.

I am pretty happy with my gas grill for a lot of foods, but I wanted the charcoal for some low and slow work (ribs especially) and steaks.  So I am planning on picking up a Slow N Sear and using it full time, so I may not bother replacing the charcoal basket.  With that in mind is it even worth repairing the gas assist and getting a new tank?  It doesn't look like the igniter would line up with the Slow N Sear.  Plus, the igniter on my Spirit seems to need replacement every year.  Does the Igniter on the Gen 1 Deluxes suffer the same problem?  IF you do recommend getting the gas assist working, is there a modification for securing the 1 lb cannisters?

I appreciate any input!


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Welcome and congrats on your Stainless Steel Performer (SSP).  They are very rewarding to restore!

You can use a regulator from a Gas Go-Anywhere to connect a 1lb tank directly to the burner tube.  I think the part number is #7505.

You may want to call Weber customer service to register your grill and order parts.  Sometimes youíll get a little wiggle room on the price, especially if youíre ordering multiple parts.  If you donít want to spend the money on brand new replacement handle or casters, PM me your address and Iíll send you some from my parts pile. 

Have fun with your restoration and post pics along the way. 


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It's easier to use a Weber chimney and Weber starter cubes, imo, than the gas assist.

Light the cube under the full chimney and walk away. No need to turn off gas. Also, it's easier to put the lit charcoal wherever you want it.
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It's easier to use a Weber chimney and Weber starter cubes, imo, than the gas assist.

Light the cube under the full chimney and walk away. No need to turn off gas. Also, it's easier to put the lit charcoal wherever you want it.

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Yes, lose the gas assist. Charcoal chimney is your friend. Never saw the "usefulness" of the gas assist. Looks like a good cleaning and new grates, you'll be cooking in no time! Good luck!
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I light my chimney with my gas assist all the time and pour the lit charcoal anywhere i want, no muss no fuss!
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Congrats on your SSP. It's a Deluxe model so imo you would want all the features to work if you're going to restore it. Otherwise you just have a base model performer, a kettle and a table. If a GGA regulator will work, check on craigslist, Offerup, Letgo etc, I bought a used once GGA for $10 works great.


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Thanks everyone for the replies!  Been a while since I have been able to check in, end of the year crunch has got me until Christmas.

So it seems like a split about whether the gas assist is useful improvement or not.  And browsing through the forum it seems like that split has been ongoing.  I think long term I will probably fix the gas assist.  I know that eventually I will have to get it working just to see if I like it or not.  And I rather like what is shown in this thread by @Winz about adding the 3rd get starter and having the 1lb tank mounted horizontally.

All this will probably have to wait until after the holidays due to lack of free time and freezing temperatures.  And maybe I will actually grill something on it first to see if I find any other problems.