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Author Topic: My most amazing Weber Story! The Weber Grill Academy Canada - Vaughan Ontario  (Read 8680 times)


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You guys, The story I'm about to tell you still seems like a dream...

A few months ago while on the line with Weber ordering some parts they were curious about why I was ordering so many random bits and pieces and then asked if I would share some photos of my collection. I gladly sent them some photos and they eventually ended up on the Weber America Facebook page. (Cool!) Well apparently Weber CANADA was just about to launch here up north and got a hold of the pictures and slapped them on their site as well. I was thrilled just to have them posted and thought that was the end of it...

... boy was I wrong!!  :)

About a month ago I got a phone call out of the blue from a fellow claiming to be the new SVP of Weber Canada Mr. Tony Ferraro!! He explained that they were launching here in Canada and as part of the media hype they were doing a "Canada's Biggest Weber Fan" promotion and that I had been selected!! As part of the prize he wanted me to have the very first (public) MasterTouch in Canada  :o :o (PS - It should be here already - they are looking into it!) 8) So I was freaking out already and explaining how excited I was... then he says "And, we'd also like to take it a step further..." He then went on to tell me they wanted to fly me out to Toronto, put me up in a hotel and then the following morning I would be the very first person through the brand new Weber Grill Academy and have a 1-on-1 training session with their Grill Specialist Chef Mr Michael P Clive! I was shaking at this point and fumbled through the rest of the conversation somehow. ;D

Within 2 days the AMAZING team of people at Weber Canada got in touch and made all travel arrangements! They then asked if I would send in a little 30 sec cell video explaining why I love Weber Grills - I said sure! But before I had the chance to make the vid they called back and asked if I would consider allowing a photographer and video crew to my house in Vancouver and actually do a little interview! I was obviously thrilled about it all so sure enough we did the day long shoot at my place, then combined with all the footage from the Grill Academy they are making some little 1-2min media clips out of it all and posting it all up on their website!

The whole experience start to finish was insane and I'm so freaking lucky and thankful this all happened!

I hope you guys enjoy some behind the scene shots from Weber Canada HQ!

Some trip highlights:

- Chef Clive and I spent the day cooking a wide variety of items on both Charcoal (including a roti!) and Gas Weber Grills. It was unbelievable - and that man is a grilling king! We did steak and eggs, jumbo shrimp, mussels, chicken wings, butterflied roast pork on the roti, cuban sandwiches, melted onions, a few different rubs... it was fantastic!!

- Access to the not yet opened Grill Academy and AMAZING Weber showroom and Corporate Office! I even got a nametag numbered #001 ;)

- Was able to get my hands on the new MT and Performer and they are both AWESOME! You can see the MT if you look closely in the last teaser shot, it's of course black and beside the other black kettle with a rotisserie. The warming rack is a thing of beauty 8) The second this gem shows up you'll get a million photos :)

- I asked about the possibility of other colors coming this way and was told that Weber Canada hopes to slot themselves in somewhere between Weber USA and Weber Europe... So in my overly optimistic mind this means yes... eventually?!? I hope?!?

Here are a few teasers ;) but be sure to check out the Full Gallery link at the end

Complete in-depth photo gallery available here:
Weber Grill Academy Canada : Vaughan Ontario

Still pinching myself!!

Take care all,

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Re: My most amazing Weber Story! The Weber Grill Academy - Vaughan Ontario
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2014, 01:15:48 PM »
PS @Troy - Chef Clive would love some WKC stickers... think you can hook him up? 8)
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Of all us Canadians on the board you deserved that the most in my opinion.  Good on ya Matt.
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OK, that's just...

I'm at a loss for words!

You MUST be stoked!

Dude, relax your chicken.


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Re: My most amazing Weber Story! The Weber Grill Academy - Vaughan Ontario
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2014, 01:23:38 PM »
Speechless!! What a great trip. That would be a total dream. Congrats!!!
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Congrats 604! That is freakin awesome! Kettle karma at it's best!

Ted B

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Fing awesome!!  Just fing awesome. Congrats!!!


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Of all us Canadians on the board you deserved that the most in my opinion.  Good on ya Matt.

Thanks Mike! I took along a couple replacement vents and had Chef Clive and Weber Canada's head Honcho sign them just for fun ;) One's for you my friend!

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That is amazing!
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WOW that's about all I can say great story congratulations!

Dave O

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WOW - What a great story and photos - Freakin awesome
 How did you keep this quiet and not tell anyone here where you were going ?
 Congratulations # 001 ( formily known as #604 )


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Amazing story 604.   Thanks for sharing.   That looks like the trip of a life-time.

BTW...  Did you get a close look at those "flag-grills" in the background?  Are they paint or porcelain?

Again, good work...
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very cool! 


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Cool story!  Sounded like lots of fun 604!

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