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Author Topic: The Odyssey of a Weathered Warrior: 1 Grill, 5 Months, 5 Stops, 1200 Miles.  (Read 1229 times)

Mike in Roseville

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This post has been a long time coming.

Before I begin, I would like to send a very special thanks to John (@jcnaz). Without him, this journey (of sorts) wouldn't have been possible.

Last summer, I put the word out that I was looking for a kettle (other than my 26.75") that I could bring to the local WKC Cookouts. I have always loved black kettles and most of the ones I have owned have been some degree of "salt and pepper" or "sun-faded" gray. What I realized was I was looking for a "Weathered Warrior" with some character.

I received numerous leads and offers from WKC members all across the country. One of which, was John. He told me that he had a kettle I might be interested in. He was right. The Patent Pending Texan was already a member of the "Patina Appreciation" (Weathered Warrior) thread and was in need of a new home. We talked on the phone about it for a bit. We bounced a few ideas off of each other on how to proceed. I told him lets make it happen.

It was late August. It was also my birthday.

The problem was he was in Arizona and I don't make it down there very often.


My uncle lives in Arizona. And that's where this odyssey begins.

John lives east of Phoenix and my uncle lives south of Tucson in Vail. My uncle told me he only headed up that way once or twice a year. However, John mentioned he had wanted to take his father to Tuscon to see a friend for quite some time. I gave him my uncle's information and hoped they could set something up.

In October, John reached out and said he spoke with my uncle. He was going to meet him the following day and hand off the grill.

The next afternoon, I received a call from my uncle, telling me he had a disassembled vintage Weber BBQ (in black garbage bags) in the back of his Toyota FJ. It just so happened that my uncle, who is long-retired (but still works), had that particular day off and could drive to Tucson to meet John. He told me he had a great time talking with John about all kinds of mutual interests. The Texan traveled south to Vail where it would wait until early December.

My uncle only travels to Phoenix once or twice per year. Usually in December, en route to an area north of Flagstaff, for an elk hunting trip. I contacted my cousin who usually attends the hunt and asked if he could bring something back for me. He said he already spoke to our uncle and said he would be happy to bring the grill back. About a week before Christmas, I talked to my cousin. He said the grill was currently sitting on his shop floor. I inquired about whether or not he got a chance to use it for cooking during the hunting trip. He said "nope." He received it from our uncle, still in the bags, and put under a tarp in his trailer until it arrived back at his house.

So, from the back country north of Flagstaff, he returned back to his ranch in Hickman, CA. My cousin asked me if I was heading back for Christmas and when could I pick it up? Yes, I was heading back, but I was going to be loaded down. He and I both knew I wouldn't have room. I usually see him Christmas Eve, but this year he wasn't hosting due to a prior commitment.

I made a phone call. My dad, who lives in Modesto, usually makes the "rounds" dropping off gifts to friends and family right before Christmas. It's roughly 20-30 minutes away from my cousin's house. I asked him if he was out near my cousin's, if he wouldn't mind picking up the grill and taking it to his place?

A few days before Christmas, the Texan had hitched another ride...to Modesto.

On Christmas Day, while visiting my parents, I briefly glimpsed the kettle on my parent's back porch, still in the black plastic bags John had wrapped it in. It was late in the day, the kids hadn't napped, and we were due at the in-laws for dinner. The Texan would remain tucked away at my parent's house for just a bit longer.

I probably could have taken receipt of the Texan at my younger cousin's wedding on January 6th. It was about 15 minutes from my parent's house and I knew my parents were attending. I was also traveling relatively light. However, with the stress level of my wife and I transporting two small children to an event two hours away where we all were expected to smile for pictures, I didn't even want to attempt it. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor.

The last few weekends have been a bit crazy. Busy schedules, sick kids, and sick parents. Earlier this week, my mom expressed that she and my dad wanted to come and see their grandkids this weekend.

The Texan would hitch a one last ride en route to it's final stop. Modesto to Roseville.

It arrived today, disassembled, still in the plastic bags John had packed it in months earlier. A part of me regrets not getting a picture of the kettle still in the bags.

However, I opted for a more fitting photo of this Weathered Warrior; standing tall.

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Amazing story. Glad it was in safe hands. John is great Grillfella and is helping me get a yellow from Arizona to Seattle. Enjoy that weathered warrior good sir!

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What a great story!!


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Really cool story, awesome Texan
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What a journey! Beautiful Texan weathered warrior Mike!

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Congratulations Mike. Love the wheels.  The lengths we go to securing these magical spheres.
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Wow what a story and love the patina. Those weathered warriors are sweet.

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That's a nice grill, and a great story. Props to everyone for making it happen.


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Wonderful story, and what a ride that Texan got to take! Soooo cooool! 8)
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@AZRaptor actually started this kettle's journey in the WKC, I got it from him.
I am very excited about this old thing finding a great home. Thanks, @Mike in Roseville for taking it in!
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Finally it arrives. Grate team work on all part.
Congrats on a beautiful WW. Enjoy her
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