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Author Topic: Performer accessories  (Read 150 times)


  • Smokey Joe
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Performer accessories
« on: July 29, 2019, 06:21:27 AM »
Got a birthday coming up and started thinking about what I want out of my Performer. I own the SnS and drip griddle pan already.

The way I do my meals is I start indirect and finish direct pretty much exclusively. There's been plenty of situations where I don't have enough space.

I'm looking at getting the Easyspin not for any kind of cold sear but because it's thin wire and stainless and I like the removable hinged section. Pretty much settled on this as every review I've read has been positive.

I wanted to increase my surface area and add raised cooking so started looking at ABC's Elevated Cooking Grate but when I pulled it up on Amazon I saw there's a Stainless option from another company that seems better designed:


Instead of hooking onto the grate bars it just rests on them. Anyone have this? In my mind I'm thinking I could just push it to the side when I need access to food under it or when I want to get it off it'd be easier to lift it up. It's cheaper than ABC's option and has solid reviews.