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Author Topic: Help me determine the age of my Kettle and proper replacement parts please.  (Read 829 times)


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Iíll check my parts stash.  I should have two non-branded handles, and possibly some bowl dampers thatíll fit if youíre interested. 

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Thank you so much for the offer to a complete stranger!  While you are ooh so gracious, I've already ordered weber bowl dampers before i even joined up.  And as you can see the handle cover as well.  I was so sure that it was a weber i got a bit carried away ordering what i thought would work.   I will pass on your offer, but im sure someone else will need it from you soon or later.

I will post updates when i get parts in and find the time to make the handle for the bowl.  This should be fun.

As far as coal grate goes, since the section of 3/4 flat steel bar i bought will have plenty of left overs after i make handle out of it(its 36" section length) i am going to use them to fab up few "shelves" for the coal grate to sit on.  And i will be using nut/bolt to hold them to the bowl.  Maybe this grill not being a weber is a blessing in disguise as I wont feel guilty doing all the mods and drilling to it. 


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The charcoal grate on these is actually meant to hang from the cooking grate.
The handles on the coal grate go up through  the gap at the cooking grate handles
and hang from the hooks on the coal grate handles.  This makes the coal grate height adjustable

Yes that totally makes sense now.  I couldnt figure out how to use it properly. Awesome, thank you for the suggestion!


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Well, all the parts came in and I got to installing. and did a little fixing up here and there.

I think it turned out great!

Thanks for all the suggestions and help everyone. I picked this up for $40 and came with new un-opened 40lbs of Kingsfords Charcoal. Deal I couldn't pass up.

The replacement dampers did come in the mail, so I will be installing those on the Red Char-Broil and make a handle for it as planned, and more than likely will put it up on the market FS for what I have into it.

How do I keep the legs from falling out when I lift it up off the ground to move it around? any preferred methods you guys have that I can get help from?
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Congrats on the great deal!  Now you're in business.
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Some have mentioned taking the legs off & inserting either a broom handle or the end of a wrench inside the leg & basically using the end to bend outward the portions that are bent inward from the press fit sort of thing that goes on when they are installed.  It tends to slightly crimp them & they can become quite loose, depending on the initial install, how often they are removed, etc.