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Author Topic: FWIW my EI & EZ 97 & 98 code SSP performers have SS tubes but steel sweeps  (Read 167 times)


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Today, I'm was trying to figure out what I'm going to get rid of.  I'm giving at least one grill to my in-laws & some others to friends & will probably list a number of blacks locally that I bought because of the accessories or whatnot.

To that end, I removed the SS sweeps & tube off of a generation II performer that I planned on swapping out with the ones on my red mist SSP.  I also removed the SS sweeps off of one of the platinum things with the big table, kind of about the size of a performer, but no gas assist.

When I got to my Red SSP, I found out the tube on that was already stainless.  While the sweeps are amazingly clean for it's age, they clearly are galvanized steel (when I bought the grill it had been sitting in a warehouse for years & before that was at the owner's house, who lived in an airplane hanger, and apparently did not spend much time outside). 

After realizing the tube was stainless, I checked another SSP (EZ code, a 98) I had & that tube is also SS.  The sweeps on that one are CLEARLY steel as there is only 1 sweep kind of left.

I recall someone, I believe it was @Jules V., being the first person I saw mentioning the SS sweeps & tubes in the 2nd generation performer, the SS sweeps in that platinum series with the big table, & even mentioning that it seemed some of the later SSP and earlier generation IIIs seemed to have the SS sweeps and tubes.  I do not recall him mentioning that some might have SS tubes but steel sweeps, which my EZ code clearly has (and I believe my EI code also has). 

I KNOW not all SSPs have stainless tubes, as I've looked at one the guy claimed was in great shape, but when I got there, it was apparent he took the pictures from the best sides.  When I looked inside, half the burner tube was completely rust away (GONE baby, GONE). 

Just thought I'd alert you guys to this. 

Also, this is the first time I removed the bowl on my red mist SSP & I must say it is a really fine specimen. 
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Interesting observations. Thanks!
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