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Author Topic: Cleaning Rusty Triangles Using Electrolysis  (Read 6940 times)


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Re: Cleaning Rusty Triangles Using Electrolysis
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2017, 11:03:07 AM »
@Hogsy your images are disappearing.

It's time to ditch photobucket. You can sign up at http://pics.weberkettleclub.com. It'll be a separate account from your forum account.
Happy to do that @addicted-to-smoke but do I have to go through and reload every photo Iíve posted ?

Of course, doesn't that sound fun? This forum, and zillions of others across the Internet, are since 2016 littered with non-images hosted from them now.

Photobucket has a "download library" feature that, guess what, does not work. If you want any of your images, they'll have to downloaded individually and then re-uploaded elsewhere and re-linked.

I hated them when they were a free service, and they're worse now.

I thought so and I donít think I have the patience to reload all my pics. I was paying $4 p/month for their service for the last 2yrs because my pics had been viewed so many times(or something like that)
I wonder how the $400 a year subscriptions is working out for them
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