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Author Topic: 2007 18 OTS NIB find goes from greatness to sadness.  (Read 176 times)


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2007 18 OTS NIB find goes from greatness to sadness.
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:36:35 PM »
So I took a stab at the OTS because it had an interesting shipping label on it. It was new in the box and addressed to Judge & Dolph. I did a little research and that company used to Illinois largest beverage distributor. They were bought out by the Wirtz family and in 2009 the name was gone. So Im thinking there might a logo on that new grill in the box ???

Well it was far away but through a few friends, two weeks waiting and fifty bucks on the line I waited patiently.

It finally arrived today and bummer no logo :( Not a big deal because Ive been wanting an 18 grill any.

So knowing the price of a new one is about 90 bucks I decided to make myself feel better and upgrade it to a OTG. So before I even finished building the grill I ordered the ash pan for the upgrade.

So I go back to assembling and get the legs and wheels on all good.

I flip it over and get to the ash sweeps and the fn number one sweep is missing. Just gone from the sealed box. I have a two and a three. Being a 2007 it has the good sweeps with the large hex nut and thumb screw.

So now Im screwed because I already ordered the ash bucket and the new replacement ash sweeps are over 22 bucks. Not to mention I wanted to grill on this guy for Fathers Day.

Im grill sad now and its raining.

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