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Author Topic: **WKC Online Finds Guidelines** (Updated 2/25/2016)  (Read 9441 times)

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**WKC Online Finds Guidelines** (Updated 2/25/2016)
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:59:24 PM »
The Online Finds and Member Sales and Trades section is provided as a service to our members for buying and selling BBQ goods and alerting other members for deals.

Where should I post my topic?
Online Finds:
- you found an interesting item on craigslist
- you found an interesting item on ebay
- you found an interesting item on amazon
- you found an interesting item on some other site

Member Sales and Trades:
 - you have something to sell
 - you are offering something up for trade (FT)
 - You are wanting to buy something (WTB)

If you own it - it DOES NOT BELONG HERE.

- No Spam. If you or your company have something to gain by posting it, don't post it.
- Don't tell other people what they can and cannot post. There's no cities or regions that are off limits. This is a public forum discussing public information.
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