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I'm definitely watching this one!  I have no skills in leather-working but appreciate the art.

  I think all skills are learned by trial and error,,,,, and practice. I have a vision of the finished product and without instructions,  itís just determination.  I may need to make s few before getting it all right.
Weber Grill Forum (Grills, Accessories) / A bit unexpected
« Last post by usedjim on Today at 06:46:59 AM »
Due to space constraints have been using a 22" WSM with added middle charcoal grate for most of my cooks.  Picked up a used Weber rotisserie recently and have been using that on the WSM as well.   Of course the WSM lid doesn't exactly fit the Weber Rotisserie. A Cajun Bandit roti is not in the budget, so have been looking for a cheap kettle to donate a lid for the rotisserie.   The other day a $20 kettle popped up on FB and it was only a few miles from work.  Pic was close up and blurry so really couldn't tell much other than it was a black 22.  I stopped on way home which turned out to be after 6:00.  With time change it was dark in his driveway.  Not the greatest neighborhood and for $20 wasn't going to spend a lot of time inspecting it.  I saw it had wood handles on lid and bowl, so told him I would take it, put it in the car and headed home.  Turns out to be an "F" code from 1984.  Twist on ash pan.  Lid has some rim rash and a decent sized scratch on the top opposite the vent but overall will be a pretty nice cooker.  I did an initial cleaning on the lid last night.  Will disassemble everything else and clean up over the winter.  Didn't exactly strike gold, but it was a fun pickup and certainly unexpected.  Funniest part is that the guy was trying to sell it as "like new" and told me he only used it twice.
CGA is a great grill... but I totally love my New Style JJ grill as a quick go-to grill!
Cheap on coals, and with the smaller bottom kettle space.. when I close all the vents at the end of the cook it cools off REAL fast! Doing this saves the coals for the next run.
I use mine with the SínS charcoal basket for some fantastic cooks! Match it with a good drip pan your set for almost anything you want to cook.
I have done everything from rotisserie chickens to pulled pork and it has never let me down.
As far as using less coals and faster shut down times.. itís all about the total inside volume in the grill. 2 Weber coal baskets at full burn in a 22Ē take a LONG time to snuff out, if you take the same 2 full burning baskets and dump them in a SJ and shut the vents then itís cold in 10 mins or so! This reduces you coal burn time and makes it last longer... so Ja .. smaller grill will always use less and make your coals last longer!
My vote for a great small grill goes to JJ !

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I'm definitely watching this one!  I have no skills in leather-working but appreciate the art.
I don't own a CGA, so not much help there. But I own a couple of 18 inchers (and some 22's). The 18's rock. Period.
Love the JJ.  Got mine a few years back at Target at season end for $29.99.   I received the slow-n-sear charcoal basket for it as a gift which makes it even better. 
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from the land downunder!
« Last post by CatskillSmoker on Today at 05:01:00 AM »
Welcome from the Catskills brother.
Iíve not a fraction the experience of most guys on here but Iím a huge fan of the CGA. Super controllable, loads of useable cooking space and shuts down fast. Noticed how much less charcoal we were buying within just a few cooks, which is nice, as good quality charcoal isnít cheap in the UK.
I have the baskets and the SNS and I love the SNS... the baskets have there purpose but for indirect heating with the water troth... SNS for the win!
Off Topic / Re: Mpg/thermostat exsperament
« Last post by ABROB on Today at 04:20:28 AM »
I'm confused by your math.  If you put 11 gallons in to refill it, doesnt that just mean you only burned 11 gallons?

302 ų 11 = 27.5? 
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