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Thanks guys. If the weather turns better I'll get some nicer pictures in the sun (so wait for an update in June I guess).

@1911Ron I think this one is gonna stay pristine a while.
@CatskillSmoker what's offer up? ; )
@WNC thanks!  The fade is subtle but beautiful on this one.
Scavenger style

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Just getting the fire going for some steaks.

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Great tip, thanks for sharing.
My wife swears by these when she's cleaning house. Now I can show her the way out to the garage and shed to clean my grills for me
I am sure most of you guys know this but these things are amazing.

They help to saturate spots in the kettle when the blade slides over or worst skips across a spot.

Great for grease and residue on the frame.

Best of all they are perfect to clean the thermoset tables!

Long ago I wasted a whole weekend scrapping, washing, sanding, washing, wet sanding, and reconditioning a tabletop. Now it's one MEraser torn into 5 strips with the last one being rinsed while cleaning. It takes about 10-15min.  8)
x2 on the craigslist suggestion.

You may decide against it or you may realize it's amazing and you might want to buy a performer or 26er after getting started on used one. Cleaning a used one is the best way to remember to clean them in the future. Good luck.
Charcoal Grilling & BBQ / Re: Last 5 food pics on your phone
« Last post by dazzo on Today at 12:16:35 PM »
Cool thread

Makes me realize that itís been a while

OK, the last one doesnít really count, but itís green!
Weber Grill Forum (Grills, Accessories) / Re: First Charcoal Grill
« Last post by kettlebb on Today at 12:13:34 PM »
Like most have said, spend your accessory money now on a good instant read thermometer like the Thermapen MK4. You donít need to start off with a vortex, SnS, and all the other gadgets out there. Learn the grill, 2 zone cooking, direct grilling, and low and slow BBQ. You can do all that cooking with the standard Weber baskets and by learning the snake method.

Also, since itís your first charcoal grill Iíd buy a used one off Craigslist. You might find you donít like it and wonít lose a lot of money if thatís the case.  A charcoal chimney is a must. It will save some time getting things going. I like Royal Oak all natural briquettes from Walmart. They donít take long to get ready to cook and they donít have any foul smell or a lot of smoke.

Charcoal cooking isnít for everyone, itís not as  fast and convenient as a gas grill but itís definitely worth it.  If you donít spend a lot on your first setup and you really like it then you are ahead in the game. Youíll always use the Thermapen regardless of how your food is made.

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Charcoal Grilling & BBQ / Last 5 food pics on your phone
« Last post by mahnamahna on Today at 11:54:21 AM »
Share the last 5 pictures of different cooks on/from your Weberís!

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