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I am not sure how much extra distance it will get you but you could grab a charcoal grate from a regular Smokey Joe. If a local store has some display models and the SJ grate you could take a look and see how you like it.

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Thanks for the plug brother. I still have them. Just listed the crimson in the Facebook grillgiants group too. I will probably toss them on to cl soon too.

Both of Cajun Bandit 18" rotisseries should fit a Outrider.  My vintage Weber rotisserie ring fits on my Outrider.  A standard 18" kettle lid can be used on an Outrider.  Only the lid handle is different due to the locking lid bail grove in the handle.  Both of the rotisseries say in the description they will fit a Jumbo Joe.


Ive thought about grabbing the blue one. He is a member here, @jandrew2537@gmail.com
You could be tje first to message on the red

Hit him up and make the drive! And stop on by Topeka when your in the neighborhood.
Any 18.5 roti should work.
Weber Mods, Tables and Customs / Smaller charcoal grate for Jumbo Joe?
« Last post by rsaylor3 on Today at 12:51:46 PM »
So on my 26" kettle, in the past I would use a charcoal grate from a 22" to get the coals further away from the cooking grate. I use the Jumbo Joe when we camp and when cooking burgers I find that I would love a little more distance from the coals to the cooking grate.

Has anyone used a charcoal grate form a Smokey Joe for their Jumbo Joe?

I find they when doing burgers, I get a lot of flare ups and think some distance would be a huge benefit for these cooks.

On a side note, I just ordered the Slow N Sear for the Jumbo Joe! Can't wait as I cook on my 26 with the SNS XL all the time and wouldn't have it any other way!

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Member Sales & Trades / WTB "twist on" ash pan
« Last post by brewtownbeatdown on Today at 12:30:22 PM »
I’ll check my parts stash for you later tonight.  I believe I have a couple “less than perfect” ones left

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Are there any rotisseries that might work on an outrider?
Pizza Forum / Re: Long time since making pizza
« Last post by jhagestad on Today at 11:53:38 AM »
Those all look so good!  I'll pull the trigger one day and get a KP for my 22.  You guys make it look so easy!

Charcoal Grilling & BBQ / Re: Smoked Tritip
« Last post by Nate on Today at 11:50:46 AM »
what was the intern temp you pulled it off at? can never find it here in Toronto?

@elninohese I pulled it off at 135-137 degrees and let it rest.
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