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Author Topic: Ideas for old Aristocrat lid  (Read 4800 times)


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Ideas for old Aristocrat lid
« on: May 14, 2024, 06:38:04 PM »
I donít have a picture at the moment but I have an Aristocrat lid and bowl that are both in rough shape. I think the leg sockets might have even broken off so I really only have it in case anybody needs parts.

The bowl is just about toast and the lid has some big porcelain pops but I think it still has character and Iíd hate to just throw it away. Iím not going to take the time to restore it back to functional, but does anybody around here have any creative ideas or anything they have used a giant 26ír lid for? If nothing else, I have a glen blue 26 and I could prob use it as a spare lid or something. I have no idea.

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Re: Ideas for old Aristocrat lid
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2024, 06:11:54 AM »
I've seen people make custom hanging light fixtures with lids before - never an old 26 Aristocrat though.  That could be cool.... Of course old bowls that are no longer fixable can be used as planters.  You might could fashion something to store accessories..... just thinking out loud here....