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Author Topic: 10 Days Until the meetup  (Read 148 times)


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10 Days Until the meetup
« on: October 06, 2022, 06:08:06 AM »
In an effort to avoid spamming the meetup thread I am posting this here.  10 days, well yeah yesterday was 10 days....anyway to the announcement.

Yesterday marked 10 days until the 10th annual Chicago meetup.

If there is any meetup to take a road trip for this is the one, we will have major prizes and giveaways this year.

Prizes include a brand new Yellow 70th anniversary kettle as the grand prize

There will be table prizes as well which include
A custom handle set via Zavod Industries
A custom SJG or CGA via Independence Porcelain
Weber GBS Waffle maker
Weber Kettle grate with griddle insert

Each member on the WKC and the Wide World of Weber Facebook group will get a ticket for the Grand prize.  Tickets will be sold for the grand prize

Table prizes, a person will get a ticket for each 18 or larger kettle they bring to display. You will recieve 5 tickets for cooking a food item to share.

Tickets are purchasable for the raffle items.  There will be separate tickets for the grand prize and the table items.

The money for the raffle will go to financing the cost of future meetups.

Big thanks to Dan Marguerite from Backyard BBQ Store for the Grand Prize, Jeff Gaylord from Independence Porcelain Enamel and Brian O'Neal from Zavod Industries for helping makes this meetup extra special.
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