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Author Topic: Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, wrapped in chicken breasts, wrapped in bacon  (Read 522 times)


  • Smokey Joe
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Substituted breasts for thighs in a Malcom Reed recipe and it turned out great! Stuffed 1/2 cored jalapeno with cream cheese and topped the cheese with a light dusting of Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub. Filleted the breasts and seasoned them with 407BBQ Simply Texas Rub (SPG + onion). Wrapped the chicken around stuffed 1/2 jalapeno and wrapped bacon strips around chicken. Stuffed the breasts into a mini loaf pan, which kept everything held together - a great technique I learned from Malcom’s video. Lightly dusted tops with Killer Hogs rub and placed a pat of butter on top of each breast. Cooked indirect with Slow n Sear until breasts hit 165. Pulled them out of loaf pan, dusted all over with Killer Hogs rub, and cooked indirect for a few minutes until rub set. Dunked breasts in warmed Sweet Baby Ray’s Spicy and Sweet sauce and cooked indirect until sauce set. Last, put them over direct heat for a few minutes to crisp up the bacon that had been in the loaf pan - the bacon on top was already crisp enough.  Served with grilled corn slathered in mayo, topped with chopped green onions, feta cheese and a squirt of lime. Simply mah-va-lus!


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Damn, let's eat !!
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Wow, looks really good!


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That looks awesome!

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It all looks great but that corn... I got to try that!

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This all looks delicious!

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I'm sold!
I want!


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That looks grate.
I'm going to have try making that chicken.

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Very nicely done

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