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Author Topic: Genesis 1000LX Green Project  (Read 4123 times)


  • Smokey Joe
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Genesis 1000LX Green Project
« on: June 01, 2020, 02:24:10 PM »
Just finishing up my first Genesis rehab and already found my second project.

The first project was for us and I wanted to do it nice and so that it would last. I did not care that it needed new burners, flavor bars and grates. Was going to replace them with stainless steel anyways.

This second project is to either give to my dad or maybe just resale when complete so I have a budget of $100.

Have been looking at both Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and found the following grill for $50. Both the grates and flavor bars had been replaced in the past couple of years according to the post.

Took a look at it on Saturday. Good sign that the bars were intact and the grate was dirty, but looked like it could be saved. Both the lid and control panel looked very clean. The lower z bars are showing rust along with some surface rust on the kart. Overall looked good so I pulled the trigger. This is in much better shape than the one I paid $1000 a few weeks ago.

Today at home, it fired right up and the burners are intact and the flame is nice and blue. Had it up to 500F in no time to burn some of the crap out.

Plan on this one is to strip it down, clean, paint and reassemble. Depending on how the lid and control panel clean up, might switch out with the one I just finished.

Looking forward to taking what I learned on the first one to this project.