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Author Topic: I am Still Here and OK Thread  (Read 2018 times)


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I am Still Here and OK Thread
« on: April 19, 2020, 02:07:58 AM »
So I have been getting some much appreciated texts from some other members here to just check in.  Obviously being shut in has affected my activity on WKC and people just want to make sure I am still living.  Kind of odd that I now have more time to get on WKC, but less to talk about because my kettle hunting is mostly limited to hoping someone throws something cool on eBay with a low buy it now price. 

Thinking about this made me realize that I wouldn't doubt if I am not the only one here that this has happened to.  Why not a thread where people can give a quick update about how they are doing and/or what crazy new thing they are occupying their time with? 

As for me.  We are doing well, but the isolation is getting a little rough.  Fortunately for us we were able to get plenty of quality beef from a friends father so I should have plenty to grill.  Unfortunately the Ranch is collecting dust at the moment because big BBQ parties are certainly not happening. 

The crazy thing that seems to be occupying my time lately is researching geodesic dome greenhouse builds.  We have been interested in really upgrading our gardening and this latest cold snap that included snow has made a greenhouse even more appealing.  Not to mention it would prevent the annoying cats in the neighborhood from pooping close to our food.  Right now the idea is using 3/4 inch metal conduit to build a dome, put in a cheap storm door, and covering it with greenhouse plastic.  The hard part is figuring out the best way to add vents and other accessories without making the structure weaker or more likely to rip the plastic.  Keeping the weight and ability to disassemble is also a priority because some day we might move. 
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Re: I am Still Here and OK Thread
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2020, 08:35:16 AM »
I was starting to wonder how you were doing as I hadn't seen any posts and you were silent on my text about @wildeagle's blue performer lid.  I figured you were just too busy and also understand not wanting to travel for stuff, because other than the L.L. Bean trip, I've kept home since my previous shopping spree.

I've actually run out for a grill once.  I also have something I bought up in WI waiting for me since maybe early March, or so.  I sent Paypal & he is fine with holding on to it.  I'm guessing he might be on here, but don't know for sure. 

I keep looking & I've alerted some people when I've noticed something close to them.  If I stumble across something close & interesting, I'll don the gloves & mask if I can find an excuse to go out of the house.

Even before people started wearing masks around here, I started noticing a lot less smiles whenever I run out to the store.  I still try to joke with strangers (from a distance & masked) whenever I go out.  Some really seem to appreciate it. 
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