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Author Topic: 26" kettle, where would you install the ATC fan and temp probe grommets?  (Read 741 times)


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So I'm envisioning the use of the Slow 'n Sear in the 26" kettle. Where would you place the Slow 'n Sear in relation to the lid bail, and then where would you install the fan adapter and temp probe grommets in relation to the Slow 'n Sear?
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Re: 26" kettle, where would you install the ATC fan and temp probe grommets?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 01:58:37 AM »
The location of an SnS or the charcoal baskets will likely depend on what you are cooking and your personal preference.  If you are doing a low and slow kind of cook some people may orient the baskets towards the back or at the lid bail.  The reasoning for this is that when the lid bail is on it doesn't allow as much access sense it tilts towards the grill.  If you are zone cooking or searing it is up to you whether you like it on the right, left, or back side of you as you cook.  Might not be the best idea to put it in front as your shirt/belly might get a little too much heat if you reach over it.

As for temp probe grommets I would not recommend a silicone temp probe grommet unless this is your dedicated smoking rig.  The higher temps of grilling are hard on the silicone.  I would look for a stainless steel cable gland/grommet, remove the plastic pieces in it as they can be damaged at high temps, and just use tin foil to stuff the hole shut when not in use.  Just be mindful of the opening size as to how many cables you might run through the hole. As for its placement on the grill you will just want to decide whether you want in the front/side/back and then drill the appropriate hole slightly below the kettle bowl rim.  You want to keep it high enough that it won't get in your way too much in terms of removing the grill grate, but low enough that the lid sits on the bowl without issue.  Another simple solution is just not installing the temp probe and simply letting the cables sit between the lid/bowl, but this will make the kettle less air tight.  Some people don't worry about this too much. 

If you are installing a fan adapter on a kettle I would definitely do your homework and be sure you absolutely want whatever you are installing because you are going to be drilling a large hole in your kettle most likely.  I do not have one, but I am partial to the Signals/Billows combo sold by Thermoworks.  The placement of that hole will depend on the hardware.  Usually you have to play with it and make sure it is just high enough to clear the sweeps at the bottom, but low enough it won't be in the way of the charcoal grate.  I have seen someone on youtube do a similar install so it might be good to reference that.  Unless you are doing a lot of smoking I probably wouldn't worry about installing a fan for the time being if you are new to charcoal grilling.  Start by learning how to control your temps with the vents, sweeps, and amount of charcoal lit as this is necessary to long term success.  There are a lot of videos and "how to" descriptions here to give you ideas.  After you get the idea of how they work and you know you want to smoke a lot of meat then invest in the fan set up.  The fan set ups are really great temperature babysitters, but if you don't know how the vents and amounts of charcoal that need to be lit you will still struggle.
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