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Author Topic: Start up smoke  (Read 580 times)


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Start up smoke
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:17:18 PM »
It doesnít bother me or my neighbors but Iíve seen this topic come up from time to time with multiple strategies to reduce start up smoke.

Tonight I was out of fresh coal and I didnít want to hassle with taking the used coal and putting it in a chimney.

I piled the used kbb in a ring with a hole in the middle. I placed a fire starter in the middle. In this case it was my trusty bacon grease soaked half sheet folded paper towel that I start everything with. The fire starter slowly ignites all the coals in the middle producing very little smoke. After ten minutes, the fire is established and you can cover with lid with all vents open. After another ten minutes or so itís ready to cook as normal. Slower than a chimney, but if being discrete with little smoke is important then this is a good method. Still a tiny bit of smoke but virtually eliminates all clouds of smoke on start up.

Anyways maybe it will be a useful method for someone. First pic I just lit the starter. Second pic fire is established. Third pic is chops. As you can see it was not producing smoke on start up and this was using kbb which some take issue with.

By the way, gas assist would probably work perfectly with this procedure. Just arrange the unlit coals around the flame. Not over.

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Re: Start up smoke
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2019, 06:50:11 AM »
While I've never had any issues with neighbors complaining about smoke, there certainly have been crazy stories in the news (Perth, AUS; St. Petersburg, FL; etc.). I've been fortunate enough to have really good neighbors over the years where we all shared a similar "live and let live" way of thinking. I guess I would say that if anyone tried to sweat the small stuff with me (whether it be BBQ smoke/smell or other trivial matter), I'd try and work out a win-win solution with them, but I definitely wouldn't let them dictate what I'm allowed to do on my property and when.
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Re: Start up smoke
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2019, 06:59:23 AM »
I use Royal Oak lump exclusively... no excessive smoke ever.
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