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Author Topic: Mentally anguishing debate: independent cart/rable... sell performer(s)?  (Read 1510 times)


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Greetings all.  Excuse the lengthiness of the following post...  I probably could simplify and say:  "What are your thoughts on performers vs. independent side tables/carts?"  But prattling on is half the fun of forums, IMHO.  (Thank you in advance for humoring me if you bother to read this whole thing.)

I've spent quite a bit of time in mental anguish (overstatement), trying to figure out "the perfect setup..."  knowing full well that no such thing exists.  But I gotta pick a course of action.  I look to more experienced kettleheads for help.  Regrettably, I am determined NOT to continue on my recent path of kettle expansion.  I don't have the garage space (or a patient enough wife) to be a collector.  I am trying my damndest to figure out a sensible but still gratifying setup.  To the extent I'm going to have "a few" (if 5ish is a few), I am really torn on a few issues. 

And it boils down to... performers, which style of performers, or independent (but awesome) side cart?

My current lineup consists of:
Late 90s One Touch Platinum (with a replaced kettle from a Silver... my oldest, dearest, and junkiest setup.  But modded to my liking... but probably the first one I'll get rid of)
1998 SS Red Mist performer (great local find... cleaned up, and almost pristine)
22.5 WSM (already modded to perfection, IMHO)
Jumbo Joe (recent CL pickup... neat!  Probably build another smoker someday with it.  Almost small enough that it doesn't count!)
Gasser:  Older higher-end Charbroil Infrared with full set of grillgrates (sits forlornly under a cover... but once in a blue moon, it is needed)

And the primary impetus for the debate:  INCOMING 26.75 that will need modding of some sort to deal with wobbly legs and a tilt.

Finally, on the "want" list... one of the new Red Limited Edition Master Touch.  (I know they're not terribly well regarded... but I want one nonetheless.  Not paying full price, but if I find a deal, it will happen.)

Here's my dilemma:  The 26.75 will make 4 kettles (and the gasser is a sizeable 5th unit).  That's already too much space... particularly with performers.  (And should I acquire a limited red, that's 3x 22.5s, including 2x performers.)

The 26.75 is coming for free from a good friend who bought an XL BGE, and just wants it gone.  It has the classic leg issues, and is listing like a ship that is about to sink.  I will first try to see if he (or I) can finagle a warranty replacement, but my friend has easily had the grill for 5+ years, and I doubt he registered it or has any documentation... so I'm not optimistic.  Assuming that doesn't work, I will fabricate a cart.  I've already identified a tubing manufacturer, and have a couple of ideas.

I've drooled over the DIY performer carts (particularly this one... https://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?69600-My-26-quot-Performer).  I don't have that kind of skill, but there are options, and I have ideas for something scaled way back, but similar in size, that I'd probably be happy with.   I am of the mindset that if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right... and if I'm going to spend $400-500 (or more?  sheesh), that isn't the end of the world.  I got the kettle free, and it will be a 'lifetime' unit.

Then... I waffle on the idea of building such a BIG performer.  That, in conjunction with (at least) one other 22.5 performer (the SS Red Mist) is already too much space in the garage.  Add the WSM and some others... and we're maxed.  I do want to store all my grills in the garage and roll out when used. 

I then think about fabricating the 26.75 on something more similar to the new 'standard' performer with the smaller footprint and the folding side table.  And that could be done nicely as well (and a bit cheaper), with a quality folding side-table.  It would be unique, neat, etc., not to mention a bit more logical for use-of-space concerns.

That is the first part of the dilemma:  For the 26.75...  "normal" performer fabrication... or "smaller" folding performer fabrication.

That gets me thinking...

When I use the WSM, I roll a performer out next to it and use the table.  I end up with 2 units out there.  (SEE SECOND PIC, ATTACHED)

That's a waste, as the performer table isn't that big, compared to the size of the cart (with the unused grill in it).  A cool independent cart would seem to be better, if such a cart existed.

Wouldn't I just be happier with a high-end, perhaps matching stainless steel cart with shelving beneath?  One that just sits next to whatever I'm using, whether it is the WSM, or anything else?  Particularly if it were Weber-themed?

I have ideas in my head. instead of going nuts fabricating a cart for a 26.75 performer... why not just a cart?  Stainless top, black steel tubing, with a few (full length) shelves underneath, similar in size to the SS red mist performer, and cosmetically consistent with Weber products.  Weber wheels, and find a badge to affix.

And this starts to make good sense.  Frankly, while I appreciate the 'coolness' of the performer cart with a curved side complementing a kettle... it is cosmetically pleasing, but unnecessary.  We don't set anything that close to the kettle such that those last few contoured inches are even helpful.  A rectangular cart parked 4" away is just as good.

I am now thinking that the optimal setup would be a really cool independent cart.  It would work great with the WSM, any 22.5 kettle (like a red limited one!), and anything else.   With adequate shelving (and, at minimum, a couple of shallow rubbermaid tubs if I wanted to keep it simple), I could keep all the gear I use for all my grills in there in universal fashion.

So, I'm thinking that if (my buddy) can get a warranty processed on the 26er... great.  If not, I'll build a smaller-folding-performer cart for it.  (Why not have the folding shelf if I'm building a cart anyhow?  It won't hurt, and would be cool.) 

Then, building a separate "Weber themed" independent cart for use with everything. 

If I go that route... and acquired a limited red as well, I'd probably convince myself to sell both 22.5 performers.  (I'd have a REALLY hard time selling the red mist... but we'll cross that bridge if we get there.)

Thoughts, please?

And to re-summarize for those who skipped to the end:

1.  Thoughts on a smaller folding performer cart build for the incoming 26.75 vs a full-size performer?
2.  Thoughts on building an enviable independent cart?
3.  Thoughts on scrapping performers entirely (figuratively speaking, of course)?

Hoping someone has already waded through these critically important and mentally agonizing dilemmas that are handicapping me from thinking about anything else. 
Thanks in advance for your opinions (and/or chastising).

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Consider building a cart out of an old genesis gasser frame.  Or mounting the WSM into the OTP frame to save space.  Youíre right, the JJ is so small it doesnít count.[emoji6]

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Mentally anguishing debate: independent cart/rable... sell performer(s)?
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2018, 08:26:23 AM »
Iím in camp no built in or attached cart. With multiple grills, I like them to take up as little real estate as possible. Iím planning on building either a stationary work station / table top with storage or one on casters. My performer is my least favorite kettle but Itís a gen 2 and I like the look and the thermometer it has so itís hard to part with. Takes up a huge footprint and its capacity is half of the 26. The 26 legs donít bother me since I cut an 1Ē off the top of the front leg. Sits level and It can be picked up and carried if needed. I donít have to do that often but I still see it as an advantage to having it in a cart.

Iím with you. Iíd love to collect more kettles but just donít have the space. Iím planning on thinning the herd down to just what I anticipate using. I have a gasser too that takes up space but like you said, it does come in handy once in a great while. I might still get rid of it and find a permanent spot on the patio for my gas go anywhere. That would be enough gas for me. Thatís just my opinion. Good luck with your project.

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Consider building a cart out of an old genesis gasser frame.  Or mounting the WSM into the OTP frame to save space.  Youíre right, the JJ is so small it doesnít count.[emoji6]

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I've seen the posts (or pics) of people who have done that.  That's definitely an option... but I do favor the idea of a cart with 2x shelves underneath.  And now I've been looking at lame non-weber ones on Amazon.  And this one actually looks decent (and I'd get a second shelf and the casters...):


I'm sure I could build one cheaper... but I'm starting to think of the time factor.  (And this would be a darn good cook surface.)

And Hoosierkettle, thanks from a fellow Hoosier.  I think I'm in your boat, and I think I'm going that route.  I've actually got my OTP and SSP up for sale... and I just found the Red Limited at the True Value $99 sale.    So I've committed!