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Author Topic: Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps  (Read 3383 times)


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Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:05:10 PM »
I’ve linked pbe’s write-up here because it’s required reading, it links to some additional examples, and because it better illustrates what I typed below and with a different focus. What I’ve included fleshes out a mention of the current (2015) setup (part 65143), includes toolhead’s way of allowing the retention of all-original ash bucket parts with the 7444 sweeps replacement (assuming the ash bar is still intact) and various other myriad details relating to this kettle repair/update/modification.


With that said, my apologies, as the crux of what I've typed below is largely redundant, except where it's not. :)

Today, "OTS" (One Touch Silver) is "OK" (Original Kettle) and "OTG" (One Touch Gold) is "OKP" (Original Kettle Premium.) So, Gold or Premium here, means: has an ash bucket.

All of this additionally applies to any other 22.5” kettle that also came with an ash bucket: all Master-Touch and all Performer models. We’re essentially leaving other potential ash bucket 18.5” and 26.75” kettles out of this discussion.


For your reference, the original One Touch ash sweeps are part 7409, or 3617 when part of a kit that also includes wheel axle nuts and ash pan support clips (for grills that don’t have the ash bucket.) 7409 and 3617 replacements were discontinued around 2013-2014. But if you can find the parts, you’re done.

There are two ash sweep replacements. One is stainless steel, used in some later kettles. Part #90720. The main replacement Weber will recommend is 7444, available pretty much anywhere. It’s aluminized steel, as were the 7409’s.

The steel ash bar currently supporting the ash bucket's support ring also acts as a washer for the shaft that runs through the 7409 sweeps.

Note: Whether or not you retain your old ash bar, or abandon it depends on if the ash bar is still solid. They rust and fall apart, dying a slow death and leaving you with a wobbly and saggy ash bucket. Replacement ash bars have been offered here but they are aluminum and over time could sag from the weight.

The 7444 sweeps come with a washer that’s too thick to replace that ash bar. OR, if still good, retain your ash bar AND use the new 7444 sweeps by taking a round file to the two holes that the sweeps’ lever passes through and it’ll install OK. Some trial and error is needed here. Hat tip to @toolhead for that mod.

Note: The 7444 sweeps are colloquially known here as the “H” design, because it all connects together not with a thumbscrew from the bottom like the 7409 did, but with a piece of metal that looks  … wait for it … like an H coming down from inside the bowl.


Newer-designed ash bucket support rings used with the 7444 sweeps attach directly to the bowl at the leg sockets; completely independent of the sweeps. On these kettles they snap into the leg sockets where socket meets bowl, on the inside. Older kettles DO have similar leg socket slots but they rarely line up with the new ash bucket support rings since they were never intended to do so.

These redesigned ash bucket support rings went through a couple iterations, mostly cosmetic but in one instance the ash bucket height is different.

In 2015 the ash bucket support ring and ash bucket were redesigned. They only fit with each other, but the newer setup can also be retrofitted to any old One Touch 22.5” kettle. The same considerations for attaching the ash bucket support ring to leg sockets apply.

New 7444 sweeps in, you now need a way to reattach the ash bucket's support ring to the bowl. You have more options here, depending on which ash bucket support ring style you use, your skill level/available tools/parts, and philosophy!

1) Hose clamps around the leg sockets and available “air holes” already in the ash support ring. This was probably the original mod; simple and effective but cosmetically tacky.

2) Screws or rivets through the ash support ring into the leg sockets, with or without tabs you create from metal … later (2nd/3rd gen) ash bucket support rings already have these tabs since they’re used on newer, accommodating bowls. This looks nicer cosmetically because it mimics the stock, intended appearance, but requires more time, effort, tools, and slightly hurting the leg sockets.

3) toolhead’s method: Not as popular on this site but potentially/conceptually simpler. Retain your original ash bucket support ring AND “ash bar” by modifying the 7444 with a small round file at the bottom of the two holes where the lever slides through. This obviously requires and ash bar, which isn’t a practical option as years (and rust) go on.

Personal note:

I retrofitted the 2015 design ash bucket to my old Performer when I switched to the 7444 sweeps. I use hose clamps. They are cosmetically not ideal since they can be seen on the outside, but I never notice or think about them unless writing about them on this forum. :)

They are rock-solid secure going on several years now, and if they ever did get loose, which I seriously doubt, can easily be tightened up without turning the bowl upside down for surgery.

I will never drill into any leg socket for the sake of an invisible support system, especially on a non-Performer that depends on 3 legs and strong leg sockets prone to rusting eventually. There are plenty of other Grillfellas here that instead prefer the better-looking, hidden solutions.
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Re: Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2017, 07:24:10 PM »
Lord, I’m hoping some deep penetrating oil might salvage what’s left. Thanks again for the many insights shared in order to breath new life into her.

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Re: Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2017, 11:25:31 PM »
kroil oil did not help with any if my rust frozen ssp performer sweeps...
used a dremel to cut outthe old ash sweeps....

if you ash catxher bar is end of life...just goto homedepot ..they have aluminum stock bar ( like 7 bucks)which is the same width and very close to same thickness...use old bar as a template.

pair of clamps..hole saw bit ..drill and hacksaw or oscillating tool with metal cut bit and some elbow grease and you cam fab a replacement bar..you can make 2 bars from the stock bar at hdepot...available in the angle iron aisle.


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Re: Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2017, 11:29:52 PM »
btw..the bends in the oem ash catcher bar are critical for the bar to have sheer strength against the weight of the ash bucket...i wouldmt skip replicating the bends...the bar will start sagging if you dont replicate the oem bend pattern in the ash bar.

i always recommend wearing eye protectiom when fabbing metal...



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Re: Replacing old (original design) "One Touch" ash sweeps
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2017, 06:52:10 AM »
I’m partial to @swamprb method of reattaching old style ring. Easy and very sturdy. Additional rivets are not really noticeable. I re-use one existing rivet location and only add two new ones.

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