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Author Topic: 1999 weber spirit 500  (Read 1786 times)


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1999 weber spirit 500
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:14:23 AM »

Finished with functional rebuild of 16 y/o weber gas grill.
To be honest it wasn't a pretty grill when new & the frame & some firebox had gotten overspray from white paint in past , so I'm not trying to "restore"
Frame , firebox & lid in good shape. The cast iron grates were excellent.
The flavorizer bars were OK good enough for now.. The burners were good except the crossover burner had a small hole which I stuffed with high heat JB weld.
Replaced ignightor , switched out regulator head to work with new style propane. The gas gauge needed a few sprays of WD-40.
30 min of cleaning out inside & a little greased lightning & elbow grease has it ready for a deer camp gasser
Grill was $20
Ignitor was $15
Regulator head $10
Total less than $50 
Fish cook tonite


  • Smokey Joe
  • Posts: 32
Re: 1999 weber spirit 500
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iPad photobucket crashed yesterday

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