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Author Topic: **Member Sales & Trades Guidelines** Updated June 30th  (Read 33626 times)

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**Member Sales & Trades Guidelines** Updated June 30th
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:22:21 AM »
The Trading Post and Member Sales and Trades section is provided as a service to our members for buying and selling BBQ goods and alerting other members for deals.

Where should I post my topic?

For Sale (FS), For Trade (FT), and Wanted to Buy (WTB) by members should be posted in "Member Sales and Trades"

Alerts/Found Deals (For Ebay and CL listings you come across that you want everyone to know about) belong in Online Finds.

Posting format

You are welcome to post here in the Trading Post / Member Sales and Trades Section but please keep the following guidelines in mind. Guidelines are meant to protect our members and preserve the camaraderie on the site.

-For Sale ads posted in the Member Sales and Trades section must have an asking price. NO EXCEPTIONS. Open bidding or private bid solicitation on the board is not allowed. Post it on eBay if you want bids. Any items offered for sale without an asking price will be IMMEDIATELY DELETED, although you will be notified to fix it and allowed to repost the ad.

-For Wanted to Buy threads, post what you are looking for, where you are located, and what you are willing to pay or trade (if applicable).

-With For Trade ads, please post what you have to offer and what you will consider for trade. If you are also interested in selling it, please post a price. Asking for bids or cash offers without a price will result in YOUR POST BEING DELETED.

-For Alerts/Found Deals in the Trading Post, please be descriptive of the location, price, and link the site where you found it. If you are linking to your own personal ad hosted externally, please post it to the Member Sales and Trades Section instead and let us know you are the seller for transparency.

WKC Buying and Selling common sense guidelines:

-If you are new to the site, please introduce yourself and say hello before trying to push your goods.

-Have  your profile and private messages enabled so members can contact you.

-Use PayPal to transfer money so that the buyer and seller are covered. Of course, cash on delivery for local deals and personal pick-ups is fine and encouraged.

-Start your thread title with FS (for sale) or FS/FT (for sale or for trade) WTT (Want to Trade) or WTB (Wanted to Buy) with location, description, and price in the thread title.
     Example: "FS- Red 22.5" OTG in Oakland CA"     "NYC CL: Green SJS $50"        "WTT Black OTG for Yellow Ranger or $75"

- When working on a deal with a member, provide additional contact information like phone numbers or email for both parties. This helps communication in case someone doesn't check their pms often, or is better with phone than email.

-Ask for references, either another WKC, or outsider voucher.

-Use common sense before exchanging goods and $$$$.

-Be fair to each other when buying or selling.

-Have fun and try to help each other out.

- NO THREADCRAPPING. don't like the price,  product,  or person?  Keep it to yourself.


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