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Author Topic: Any advice to minimize or eliminate charcoal briquettes initial white smoke?  (Read 732 times)

Big Dawg

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Thank you all, here the thing, I like to use briquettes and I like the convenience and simplicity of just lighting a cube under the Weber chimney starter.  So, till I find or figure out an alternative that is as simple as that, my neighbors will have to tough it out  ;D

With you on that ! ! !

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Jules V.

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I have less than 2 bags of briquettes left and i don't plan of buying anymore. Aside from heavy smoke, my eyes and nose  can no longer tolerate the fumes that comes out of it.  Going forward, I'll be using lump  exclusively.


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I asked one of the manufactures of what causes this smoke, no answer yet.

I think it is mainly due to the starch they use as a binder and it only happen when briquettes are exposed to low heat.