Posts of the Week Sept 23, 2013

Happy Autumn WKC members! There was some epic action going on this week. This past weekend we had WKC member meetups on two continents- the first ever mid-Atlantic USA meet and Australian meet. A bunch of locals there got together to showoff and cook some delicious food on Weber kettles of all vintages. Not to be outdone, a few Chicagoland members got together and do an epic trade of over 20 kettles. Last but not not least, there were some creative cooks, unique kettle modifications, and vintage scores. Check it out below. Great work everyone!


Weberfest Mid-Atlantic
Massive threeway trade in Chicago
Aussie meetup


 Joethebartender’s Pepper stout beef
What’s YOUR favorite thing to cook on your kettle?
Dazzo Pancit noodles on a vintage wok
One Touch Platinum bacon onion rings
Aawa dutch over stew
mike.stavlund 1st time tri-tip
HankB red pepper hummus dip


BobBQ unearthing another painted over yellow 22.5
MrBill blue 18.5″ Bud Light OTG conversion


KenMC’s new ‘cado
G$ 22.5″ Limey from G
Jeff nabs a vintage Wood Dale
Hogsy finds a Weber thrifty propane kettle
G$ and Harris 92 teamwork on 18.5″ yellow Yachtsman
landgraftj vintage three leg Ranch

General awesome threads

AZ_MIKEY showing off more polishing bling
glrasmussen custom wood Performer tabletop

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